University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Parental Requests

It is not unusual for parents to contact the Pitt-Johnstown Counseling Center to express concern about the emotional well-being of their child on campus. We recommend that they talk to their student and encourage them to contact the office to schedule an appointment. 

Some students may not be aware of the on-campus counseling services, so parents can be helpful by informing them and encouraging the scheduling of an appointment. It can be helpful for parents to reassure their student that there are no fees charged for our services and about confidentiality. 

There are circumstances when a student refuses parental requests to schedule an appointment for counseling. Maybe the student would agree to meeting with an off-campus counselor? We can suggest appropriate community mental health resources.

If the student simply refuses the parental request that they seek personal counseling, there is little recourse. The center can make a final effort by contacting the student, and they sometimes agree to schedule an appointment. These are very important and complex situations, and parents are invited to give us a call to discuss their particular concerns.