University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Information Systems

Information Systems is responsible for the collection, processing, storage, transmission, display, and dissemination of information. Information Systems staff work with both university-wide and local data systems to support the academic and business operations of the campus. 

Information Systems responsibilities include:

  • Processing and distributing various forms of information to Pitt-Johnstown faculty and staff
  • Designing, developing and implementing data systems
  • Managing administrative servers
  • Departmental system integration
  • Intranet design, development and implementation
  • Optical scanning of exams and quizzes

Exam Scanning and Scoring

Information Systems provides prompt and efficient exam scanning and scoring services for faculty using a Scantron OMR scanner. Faculty needing exams scanned and scored can obtain blank scanner forms from Information Systems.  Upon completion of the exam, faculty return the forms to Information Systems and complete a Test Scanning Request Form to indicate how the exam should be scored.

Scanner Answer Sheets:

Blank exam scanner answer sheets are available in two different formats:

  •  50 answer items on front with room for essay responses on the back
  • 100 answer items on front with room for essay responses on the back

Test Scoring:

Scanner Answer Sheets can be scored in one of three different ways:

  • the correct answer is printed next to incorrectly answered questions
  • an X is printed next to incorrectly answered questions
  • no indication of incorrect answers is printed

The total number of correct answers and total percent correct is also printed at the bottom of each scanner answer sheet.


Faculty can request an output bundle that provides the following printed reports:

  • the Student Response Report (sample)
  • the Student Statistics Report (sample)
  • the Condensed Test Report (sample)

These reports provide faculty with the student results of the exam along with significant statistical analysis of their performance and detailed item analysis.

Advanced Scoring Option - Multiple Answer Scoring:

Multiple Answer Scoring allows scoring of multiple response options per question.  Options include:

  • responses for a question must match all valid options to be considered correct
  • responses for a question must match any one of the valid options to be considered correct

Multiple Answer Scoring can be applied to the entire exam or to specific questions.

Advanced Scoring Option - Extra Credit:

The Extra Credit Scoring option allows faculty to specify questions which will receive credit if answered correctly but will not be counted into the total number of possible questions. 

Advanced Scoring Option - Objective Scoring:

The Objective Scoring option allows faculty to specify groups of questions which pertain to specific course objectives.  The bundled statistical reports will include objective-specific analysis.


Staff make every effort to scan and score exams in a timely manner. Faculty should allow at least 24 hours for completion of the process.

Once exams have been scanned and scored, faculty are notified by phone or e-mail.

Faculty having additional questions about exam scanning and scoring should contact Information Systems.