University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Dining Services Frequently Asked Questions

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are food dollars attached to each of the meal plan options. One meal point is equal to one dollar of buying power and Dining Dollars are only to be used during the current semester.

Dining Dollars attached to meal plans do not carry over to the next academic semester. Additional Dining Dollars can be added anytime during the semester. Additional Dining Dollars purchased throughout the semester carry over from fall to spring semester, but are forfeited at the end of the spring semester.

You may find out how many Dining Dollars you have remaining from the cashier at any point of sale or by logging in to Campus Services and clicking the Meal Plan & Mountain Cat Cash Balances button.

How can I change my meal plan?

Please note that the Meal Plan Office is now located in the Office of Housing and Dining Services in the Student Union.

Because we need your signature for all changes, we cannot change your meal plan over the phone.  Please email the Office of Housing and Dining Services  Be sure to list your name, student ID number, and the plan you are selecting.

Changing the size of your meal plan: You can change your meal plan from the day you sign your contract until the end of the third day of the semester by completing a Meal Plan Account Transaction form available at the Office of Housing and Dining Services located in the Student Union. Sorry, we cannot decrease your meal plan after the third day of the semester.

If you use all of your meals before the end of the term: You may buy a supplemental meal plan and/or additional Dining Dollars to finish the semester.

What if a special diet is required?

Special vegetarian entrees are provided in the Student Union Dining Hall and in the Varsity Café at every meal. We are willing to adapt to any special dietary needs, provided a signed physician’s description of the student’s dietary needs is submitted to the Pitt-Johnstown Health Services Office.

How can I find out how many Dining Dollars I have remaining on my meal plan?

Just ask the cashier at any point of sale, or log on to Campus Services and click the Meal Plan Balances button. We also can help you at the Office of Housing and Dining Services located in the Student Union.

How can I find out what the ingredients are in each item?

Ingredients are provided for all items. Specific recipes are followed for all of our selections. Just ask a staff member for an ingredient list.

Why don't we ever have ...?

Provide us with a recipe and we’ll try to provide as close as mom makes. We encourage you to give Food Service your input by completing Comment Cards - available at all dining areas. 

Do my unused meals carry over from semester to semester?

Sorry, unused meals at the end of any semester are forfeited and do not carry over. You should consider your normal dining habits when choosing a meal plan. You can inquire about meal and dining dollar balances at any food venue register or by logging into Campus Services and clicking on the Meal Plan Balances button.

Is there a way to get meals to go if I can't be on campus due to internships, work, or student teaching?

Yes there is. Contact a member of the dining staff to request your breakfast, lunch or dinner to go because you cannot be on campus during regular dining hours. The staff will help you choose your meal and will schedule a time when you can pick it up each day.

You can also use a to-go box in the Dining Hall- available at each register.

Additional Information

  • After you contract for a meal plan, you may reduce or cancel your meal plan until the end of the third day of the semester.
  • Dining Dollars may be used to purchase food in any of our dining facilities.
  • Remaining DINING DOLLARS DO NOT carryover from semester to semester.
  • Remaining MEALS DO NOT carry over from semester to semester.
  • You may change your meal plan for the spring semester by completing a Meal Plan Account Transaction Form at the Office of Housing and Dining Services in early November. If you do not want to change your meal plan, you will automatically be assigned the same meal plan from the fall semester.