University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Entrance and Exit Counseling

Entrance Counseling

If you are a first-time borrower, or if this is your first time borrowing while at Pitt-Johnstown, you must complete an entrance counseling session before receiving the first disbursement of your loan. Entrance counseling may be completed online.

Nursing Student Loan

Each year that you are awarded this loan, you must accept the loan AND complete entrance counseling and a promissory note on the Heartland ECSI website. Your loan funds will be disbursed to apply to your student account only after you complete all of these processes. If you don’t, your loan funds will not be available to help pay the charges on your account.

To complete your entrance counseling and promissory note, wait for an email addressed to your Pitt email address from (your loan servicer) with instructions for completing the process online. You will need to validate your identity by entering information about yourself. For some loans, you will also need a PIN number to complete the process. If a PIN is required, it will be provided to you after you validate your identity. You will also be asked to provide complete reference information for yourself, a relative, and two additional references. Failure to complete all information accurately will delay disbursement of your loans.

Once you complete each of these steps, the loan funds can be released to apply to your student account. The earliest any loan funds can be disbursed is 10 days before the start of classes for any term. 

Exit Counseling

If you received a Direct Loan or Perkins Loan during your enrollment at Pitt-Johnstown, you are required to complete an exit counseling session prior to leaving or graduating. This includes students who are transferring or relocating. Separate exit counseling sessions are required for both the Direct and Perkins Loans. Exit counseling may be completed online.