University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown


Pitt-Johnstown Financial Aid

Scholarship eligibility for incoming first-year or new students to Pitt-Johnstown will be assessed by the Admissions Office upon acceptance.

Process For Continuing Students

Each year, the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown’s Financial Aid Office awards numerous Gift and Endowed (G&E) scholarships, made available to deserving students through the generosity of many individuals, clubs, organizations, industries, businesses, and foundations.

The selection of scholarship recipients is based on specific criteria defined by the donor. A student’s academic performance and financial need may also be considered when deciding upon qualified candidates. Most G&E scholarships are geared toward continuing students; Pitt-Johnstown may require students to complete a scholarship application for consideration. 

To access the application, please log into and search for PittFund$Me.  Completing the scholarship application does not guarantee selection, however, by completing the application, students are automatically considered for each scholarship that Pitt-Johnstown offers as well as several outside scholarships.  For a complete list of institutional scholarships, please visit and filter for the Johnstown campus.

General Requirements

For consideration, students must:

  • be enrolled for at least 6 credits in a degree-seeking program at Pitt-Johnstown.
  • have successfully completed 12 credits as a degree-seeking student at Pitt-Johnstown.
  • have earned a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 1 to be considered for need-based scholarships.
  • be registered for the upcoming fall term by May 15.
  • comply with Pitt-Johnstown's satisfactory academic progress standards for financial aid.
  • not be in default on an educational loan or not owe repayment on a federal grant.
  • not have earned a Bachelor’s Degree.


The Financial Aid Office will notify students awarded scholarships via the official Financial Aid Offer letter and provide information regarding the scholarship and the availability of renewal.

If students receive a G&E scholarship, a thank-you note to the donor is expected. The Office of Institutional Advancement contacts students regarding this requirement.


Scholarship awards are generally made for the entire academic year and disbursed in two equal installments directly to the student’s bill each term. However, students who are December graduates may receive the entire annual award during the fall term upon the discretion of the financial aid administrator.

Students participating in study abroad and enrolled in a Pitt-approved program may continue to receive scholarships during that term.

Students participating in the work portion of co-op programs are ineligible to receive their G&E scholarship during these terms.

Scholarship Exclusions/Adjustments

  • Limited G&E funds are available to full scholarship recipients. Scholarship awards may be adjusted if Financial Aid determines a student is the recipient of a full tuition scholarship or tuition remission.
  • Any student who receives a scholarship and/or grant awards that total more than Pitt-Johnstown’s annual cost of attendance, as defined by the Financial Aid Office, will have one or more awards reduced or canceled.
  • The Financial Aid Office awards G&E scholarships based upon the information available at the time of the award, including intended major or cumulative GPA, as well as any other possible variables. In the event that this information is inaccurate or changes, the Financial Aid Office has the right to reduce, change, or cancel the award.