University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

A Pitt-Johnstown education is an investment in your future. It is our commitment to make higher education accessible and affordable. The scholarship process begins by applying for admission. 

2021-22 Academic Scholarships

  • Presidential Scholarship $16,000 over four years
  • Leadership Scholarship $10,000 over four years
  • Achievement Scholarship $4,000 over four years

You are eligible to receive your award for up to four years provided the following conditions are met:

  • Maintain full-time (12 or more credits) status in the fall and spring semesters
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress guidelines at Pitt-Johnstown
  • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average

Institutional Scholarships

  • Adelman, Simon and Rachel
  • Bartol, Mary F.
  • Boerstler, Rev. Wilburt, PhD
  • Russell P. Daniel Sr. Merit
  • H.F. Lenz
  • Louder, Christine M.
  • Phi Kappa Phi Merit
  • PSPE
  • Shaddon, Benn
  • Smith, Rhea
  • Smith, Robert and Eunice Business
  • Torquato, Sara Jane
  • Bloom, Sally
  • Silverstone, Harry

A bachelor’s degree has become a requirement for many jobs. The choice of whether or not to earn a bachelor’s degree is not an easy one. You will come to find that at Pitt-Johnstown, the oldest and largest regional institution of the world-class University of Pittsburgh, our picturesque campus located in historic Johnstown, is widely recognized for its key distinctions:

  • High placement rate in excellent jobs
  • Up-close-and-personal teaching and learning environment
  • Talented, dedicated, supportive faculty and staff
  • Practical, hands-on, Real World learning-in-action
  • Noted in US News & World Report, along with Brown and Georgetown for building “in-demand job skills”
  • World-class Pitt quality education comparable to quality private colleges… a great value