Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

A Pitt-Johnstown education is an investment in your future. It is our commitment to make higher education accessible and affordable. The scholarship process begins by applying for admission. All students are eligible for some form of scholarship and financial aid, so apply today!

We encourage you to explore all available scholarship opportunities at Pitt-Johnstown including academic scholarships, our signature VIP scholarship, and institutional scholarships listed here:

Academic Scholarships

  • Presidential Scholarship $16,000 over four years
  • Achievement Scholarship $10,000 over four years

VIP Award

Visit Incentive Program $2,000 over four years

The Visit Incentive Program is designed for students who visit campus and enroll. Fit matters, and the campus visit is the single most important way to find out if Pitt-Johnstown is the right fit for you.

Institutional Scholarships

  • Adelman, Simon and Rachel
  • Bartol, Mary F.
  • Boerstler, Rev. Wilburt, PhD
  • Russell P. Daniel Sr. Merit
  • H.F. Lenz
  • Louder, Christine M.
  • Phi Kappa Phi Merit
  • PSPE
  • Shaddon, Benn
  • Smith, Rhea
  • Smith, Robert and Eunice Business
  • Torquato, Sara Jane
  • Bloom, Sally
  • Silverstone, Harry

A bachelor’s degree has become a requirement for many jobs. The choice of whether or not to earn a bachelor’s degree is not an easy one. You will come to find that at Pitt-Johnstown, the oldest and largest regional institution of the world class University of Pittsburgh, our picturesque campus located in historic Johnstown, is widely recognized for its key distinctions:

  • High placement rate in excellent jobs
  • Up-close-and-personal teaching and learning environment
  • Talented, dedicated, supportive faculty and staff
  • Practical, hands-on, Real World learning-in-action
  • Noted in US News & World Report, along with Brown and Georgetown for building “in-demand job skills”
  • World class Pitt quality education comparable to quality private colleges… a great value