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PittPAY is a central location to review current balances and to make payments to student accounts. The University does not mail paper statements. Students and authorized users will receive email notifications from PittPAY when charges are due. 

Viewing Your PittPAY Account

You can login to PittPAY by selecting the button above or through the Pitt Portal.

Account Summary

When you login to PittPAY, you land on the Account Summary tab.  You can quickly see if you have a balance due, and for which term(s).  You also have access to create and maintain Authorized Users and eRefund profiles, as well as other functions that provide useful information to assist you in managing your financial obligations.

Account Details

The Account Activity tab provides an up to the minute status of all of the activity on your student account.  It also offers several convenient self-service features.

  • Print an official Statement of Account by Term to provide to your employer, 529 plan, scholarship agency, or others who may need it to reimburse you for tuition costs.
  • View or print the official detail of your student account activity for a term, a range of terms, or range of dates to provide to your accountant or tax advisor.
  • Use the hyperlinks attached to your online payments to see and print receipts for those transactions.
  • Use the hyperlinks attached to your eRefunds to see the details associated with those transactions.
  • Sort the transactions on your screen by date, description, and amount within a term.
  • See the detailed transactions that make up one amount by clicking the plus sign displayed next it. For example, when students add classes incrementally over the span of several days, tuition and fee charges may be initially calculated at the part-time rates, then increased over time to the full-time rates. The plus sign allows you to view or hide the individual transactions that roll up to the amount displayed on a row.
  • View future term transactions. For example, if you made deposits or prepayments for future academic terms or years, you will see them in the future term area, which is greyed-out.


A credit balance can exist on your student account when loans, scholarships and other payments, such as 529 or College Savings Plan payments, are applied and cover more than the balance owed, or when you make registration changes that reduce what you owe.  You will be refunded the credit balance on your student account automatically once refunding begins each term.

When you sign up for eRefunds in PittPAY, you designate the personal U.S. checking or savings account where you want your student refunds to go.  With eRefunds, your money will be available in your bank account within 2-3 business days, and address changes won’t delay your refund.  This is especially important if you live on campus or away from home.

  1. Login to PittPAY above and select the Add or Manage eRefunds quick link from the Account Summary tab.
  2. Enter the routing and account number of the checking or savings account where you want your refunds to go.

If you do not sign up for eRefunds, your refund will be sent by paper check to your home address. eRefunds is the most convenient and timely way to receive your funds.

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