University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Financial Responsibility Agreement

Beginning October 2019, all students who log into will be required to agree to the University's Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA). They may be asked to agree twice each academic year. Prior to October 2019, the FRA was built into  the student self-registration process. It has been removed from self-registration and is now presented to all students when they log into University online services. A copy of the FRA is emailed to the student's Pitt email address for their records each time they agree.

FRA Purpose

When the student reads and agrees to the FRA, they acknowledge and understand that enrollment in classes and/or receipt of some services will create a financial obligation. They are promising to pay all charges that are posted to the student account.  It also details what will happen if charges are not paid in full. The FRA fully informs students about their financial responsibility and the potential consequences that will occur when student account balances are not paid by the due date.  Finally, it provides permission for the University to provide specific services to students for which we need consent in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

If a student refuses to agree to the FRA, they will not have access to any University online services until they read and agree.