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Whether you get your news from new media sources like social media or from traditional sources like television and print, there is no denying that journalists are responsible for much of the information around us. Whether discussing broad topics like politics or business, or more specific industry news like investigative journalism, sports journalism, or even public relations, the demand for professionals trained in journalism has never been higher.

The Journalism program at the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown will prepare you with real-world skills for highly in-demand positions in diverse journalistic fields, no matter the industry upon which you wish to focus.

Great Journalism is a product of skill and passion. Our passion to help you succeed is what drives us. Let UPJ help discover what drives you.

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Why Major in Journalism at UPJ?

If you're an aspiring reporter looking for a rewarding, fulfilling career, then look no further than our Journalism program. With classes designed around both traditional methodologies and 21st century media, you can prepare for your new career confident that you can fit any journalistic industry within which you to aspire to work.

  • Learn directly from faculty in classrooms in an intimate, diverse, and personal environment.
  • Engage in out-of-classroom experiences that will expose you to the professional side of journalism.
  • Have a classroom experience that prioritizes student thinking, creativity, and excellence.
  • Have direct access to educators to speak about career success.
  • Gain access to professional internships that prioritize career skills in established, professional environments.
  • Network with like-minded peers and working, established professional journalists.
  • Gain industry-specific technical skills, including working with advanced journalism technology, including broadcast media and digital media.
  • Learn to meet and exceed against the demanding deadlines within a professional work environment.

Your Future, Revealed

Careers in Journalism are more than just "reading the news." With a degree in Journalism from the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, you can find employment as:

  • Editor or Copy Editor
  • Layout and Design Specialist
  • Education Writer
  • Feature Writer or Editor
  • News Writer or Editor
  • Environmental Writer
  • Business Writer or Editor
  • General Assignment Reporter
  • Sports Reporter or Editor
  • Public Relations Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Technical Writer or Editor
  • Journalist or Foreign Correspondent
  • Photographer
  • Television or Radio Writer or Reporter



Average median salary of a Journalism Graduate (B.A.)
US Median, 2021 (Source: US Bureau of Labor and Statistics,


5% Job Growth

Estimated employment growth, all fields
US, 2021-2031 est. (Source: US Bureau of Labor and Statistics,

Add to Your Degree with a Minor

Want to maximize your employment flexibility? UPJ offers a huge selection of minors to pair with your Communication degree. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Writing
  • English Literature
  • Multimedia and Digital Culture
  • Foreign Languages

UPJ Grads Share Their Success

Callie Cassick
After earning a B.A. in Journalism, Callie was hired at WDTN-TV, the NBC affiliate news station of Dayton, Ohio, where she gathers information through interviews, crafts compelling stories, and highlights important issues within the Miami Valley region. Callie's education allows her to bring passion and commitment to each and every broadcast.

Dedicated, Expert Faculty

Meet the Journalism Faculty Meet the Humanities Faculty

UPJ's committed faculty are expert professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your career dreams. Educated, knowledgable, accessible, and supportive, the team of faculty members at UPJ will deliver the educational results you're looking for. Join the winning team, and see your career dreams become career reality!

Michael P Stoneham, PhD
Chair, Humanities Division/ Associate Professor, English Literature
234 Biddle Hall

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