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Apply for Housing at Pitt-Johnstown

Pitt-Johnstown students: please use the appropriate link below for instructions about the housing application process.

Housing Applications 2024-2025

This process applies to all students wishing to live on campus for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Current students may participate in the re-contracting process, which will begin on Monday, February 27

Availability of Applications

  • Current Students - Beginning February 27
  • Transfer Students - Beginning May 1
  • Relocating Students - Beginning May 1
  • Readmitted Students - Beginning May 1
  • New First-Year Students - Beginning May 1

If you are not a current student and are requesting a specific roommate, your application must be completed on or before July 1.  

Application Process

Log into the

After logging in successfully, click on Johnstown Campus Housing Application & Deposit task center (do NOT click on Johnstown Campus Housing & Dining Services)


If you have problems accessing that site, please try the following:

  • Clear your cache
  • Restart your browser
  • Try a different browser (our system is not currently compatible with Safari)
  • Allow pop-up from the site
  • Open an "incognito" window. 
  • Make sure you are clicking on the correct task center (Johnstown Campus Housing Application and Deposit NOT Johnstown Campus Housing and Dining Services). 

Pay Your $150 Housing Deposit

Once you have logged into the Johnstown Campus Housing Application and Deposit task center follow these steps:

  1. You will be redirected to PittPAY at this time to submit your $150 housing deposit. On the Account Summary screen, select the Make Deposit tab.
  2. If prompted to do so, select the Johnstown Campus from the drop down menu.
  3. Click the Continue link below “Pay Your Housing Deposit Fee”.  On the “How Would You Like to Pay?” screen, click on the appropriate payment method.  Enter the requested information on the payment screen.  Click the Continue button. 
  4. Review your submitted information on the “Almost Finished.  Please Review” page.  Click the Confirm button.  You will be sent a confirmation email. Once you have successfully paid the deposit, you must click the Continue to select Housing link to be redirected back to the Housing application.  If you simply close the window, your housing application will not be updated correctly.

Your PittPAY “Authorized User” has the ability to log into PittPAY directly from the Authorized User Login button at the top of to make the housing deposit on your behalf.  Once an Authorized User selects the Make Deposit tab in PittPAY and pays the deposit, you and the Authorized User will receive an email letting you know that the student must finish the housing application process by logging into  

Please only pay the deposit once. If you are prompted to pay the deposit a second time, please contact the Housing, Dining Services & Residence Life. 

Note:  You may also pay your housing deposit in person or over the phone with the Pitt-Johnstown Business Office.  The Business Office is located in 125 Blackington Hall.  The Business Office's phone number is 814-269-7040.  Deposits paid at the Business Office will not update in the Housing system immediately.  You will need to wait one business day before completing the Housing application. If your deposit has already been paid, you will skip this step and go directly to the Housing application.

 Complete the Housing Application

After you have paid your deposit, you will be taken to the application "landing page."  From here:

  1. Select the appropriate application.
  2. Confirm your personal information and enter your mobile phone number.
  3. Enter your emergency contact information.
  4. Answer the roommate matching questions.  We recommend you answer these questions even if you have a specific roommate in mind.
  5. If you have a specific roommate in mind, “invite” them to be your roommate by creating a roommate group.  Click on the “invite” button and then search for your intended roommate.

Enter your roommate's, last name, first name or ID number and click the search button.  Once the system has found your roommate, click the “+” to add them to your application.

Your roommate will receive an email asking them to accept or decline the invitation.

Note: if you plan on completing a group application for Willow, CPA 4-person, townhouses or lodges, you do not need to complete this portion of the application.  A separate application will be available in the future.

  1. If you have a specific building in which you would like to live, you may indicate it.  Please note, indicating a preference does not guarantee you housing in that building.  You do not have to indicate a preference.
  2. Select a meal plan.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions for living on campus.  This is your housing contract.  Check the boxes next to each statement.  Enter your seven-digit STUDENT ID NUMBER (do not enter your username) in the indicated area.  Click on the “Submit Housing Application” button.  You will receive a confirmation email that you have completed your application.

Housing Assignments

Housing assignment information will be communicated to students in late July or early August. This information will include the room assignment, roommate information, and move-in details.

Students under 18 years of age

If you are not 18 years of age at the time you attempt to complete the housing application, you will be required to provide a cosigner for the contract. You will need to provide the email address for your parent/guardian. Your parent/guardian will receive an email with instructions regarding how to co-sign the contract. Once he/she has done so, you will be able continue with the housing application process.

Changing your Housing Application

You may return at a later date to edit your preferences in the Johnstown Campus Housing & Dining Services task center and choose the EDIT HOUSING APPLICATION feature. Housing Applications may not be changed after July 1.

Roommate Requests

If you have a specific roommate in mind, please indicate that student on your housing application. You will need the Student ID number of your intended roommate. In turn, your roommate must enter your name/ID number on his/her application. Only mutual roommate requests will be considered. While not guaranteed, every effort will be made to grant roommate requests received before July 1. Roommate requests are granted based upon room availability.

Private Room Request Form

A private room request form will be available beginning March 6, 2023.  This is a request form only and does not guarantee the requestor a private room.  Each student requesting a private room must have also paid the $150 housing deposit and completed an online housing application.  All students should plan on living with a roommate and apply with a roommate during the recontracting process.  If private rooms are able to be offered, they will not be offered until after the fall term has begun.  Private rooms will be offered on a seniority basis according to the applicant's total number of terms in residence. 

Summer Housing 2024

Summer housing is provided in College Park Apartments, which include full kitchens, convenient parking, secure building access, and air conditioning.  The application will be available February 12.

Apply for Summer Housing

Log into the

  1. After logging in successfully, click on the Johnstown Campus Housing and Dining Services task center
  2. No housing deposit is required to use the services on this page.
  3. Under the "Summer 2024 Housing Application" heading, choose the Submit Summer Housing Application link.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.  You will receive a confirmation email once the application has been successfully submitted.

General Information

  • Current students enrolled for the spring 2024 or fall 2024 term may, on a limited basis, stay on campus without summer attending classes.  These requests will be granted depending on availability and individual circumstances surrounding the request.  Preference for housing will be given to those students who are enrolled for classes.
  • Students will reside in the College Park Apartments.  Students may be housed up to 4 students per apartment.  
  • Students remaining on campus outside the scheduled dates for class terms, or who are staying on campus without taking classes, will be billed at a weekly rate or a daily rate, whichever is more appropriate. 
  • Meal Plans are not available over the summer, please plan accordingly.  Each apartment features a full kitchen.

Summer Assignments and Move-in Dates

  • Students can move in the day before each summer term/session starts and move out the day after the term/session ends.
  • Move-in information will be sent to students by email after registering for summer housing.
  • Housing assignments will be communicated to students during the week of spring final exams.

2024 Summer Housing Dates & Rates:

  • All Summer (17 weeks)
    April 29-August 23
    $4,335 single/$3,655 double

  • Summer Term (15 weeks)
    May 6 - August 16
    $3,825 single/$3,225 double

  • Summer Term (12 weeks)
    May 13 - August 2
    $3,060 single/$2,580 double

  • Summer Clinicals 1 (9 weeks)
    April 29-June 28
    $2,295 single/$1,935 double
  • Summer Clinicals 2 (13 weeks)
    May 6-August 2
    $3,315 single/$2,795 double
  • 1st 6-week session
    May 13 - June 21
    $1,530 single/ $1,290 double
  • 1st 3-week session
    May 13 - 31
    $765 single/$645 double
  • 2nd 6-week session
    June 24 - August 2
    $1,530 single/ $1,290 double
  • 2nd 3-week session
    June 24 - July 12
    $765 single/$645 double
  • In between terms:
    Weekly rate: $255 single/$215 double
    Daily rate: $39 single/$34 double

Personal Property Insurance and Liability

Students who live on campus assume the liability for damage to any personal items.  The University is not liable for the replacement or repair of personal items that are damaged while the student resides on campus.

We highly encourage every student to have insurance coverage for personal property while they live on campus.  Often the parent's homeowners or renters insurance will cover a student's belongings while at college.  However, individual insurance policies may differ.  Please check the coverage on your family's policy.  

Renters and similar insurance products are available from most insurance companies.  

National Student Service, Inc. is a company offering insurance coverage for personal items and specializes in student coverage while away at college.  Please note that this company is not formally endorsed by the University.  The University does not receive any benefit if a student chooses to use this company.  This company is simply one example of a provider.  

The following language is from the Housing and Dining Contract that all residential students must accept and agree to during the housing application process.


  • The student is responsible for the care and safety of his or her own personal property. 
  • The University will not be held liable, either directly or indirectly, for loss of and/or damage to the personal property of individual. 
  • It is recommended that insurance be carried by each student or his/her parent(s) against loss and/or damage of personal property.