University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Housing Options

Pitt-Johnstown offers a variety of housing options to suit the needs and interests of our students.  All first-year residence halls are designed to maximize the sense of community that is so important in making the successful transition to college.  Upper-class students have five different residential facility types from which to choose including fully equipped apartments, traditional suites, and two-person rooms with a private bathroom. 

All residential living areas are staffed by Resident Assistants and Head Resident Assistants who are specially trained to help ensure student safety, offer educational and entertaining programs, and serve as a point of contact for residents. 

First-Year Students

Traditional freshmen at Pitt-Johnstown are housed in the first-year residence halls: Hemlock, Hickory, Laurel, Maple, and Oak.

These facilities feature double rooms arranged in suites — two rooms share a semi-private bathroom.

First-Year Residence Halls feature a card reader access security system that allows only the students who live in a particular building and University staff to access that building.

These halls are convenient to the Student Union.

Upper-class Students

Students who return to campus after their first year are housed in the following areas. These housing options provide an opportunity for returning students to live in a variety of settings, from apartment and suite-style to more traditional double rooms. Please click on the links below for more information regarding each housing area.

CPA, Willow Hall, lodges, and townhouses are considered “group housing,” which means students wishing to reside in those buildings must be part of a group (lodge housing is also available on a non-group basis).  Here are some important things to know about group housing:

  • The number of members in a group must equal the required number of occupants for the location they are choosing:
    • Willow Hall – 4- and 5- person groups
    • Townhouses – 4- and 5- person groups
    • College Park Apartment – 4-person groups
    • Lodges – 8-person groups.
  • A student cannot be a member of more than one group housing application for the same housing type (i.e., Willow Hall), otherwise both groups will be disqualified. 
  • Group housing is awarded on a seniority basis, meaning applications are ranked based on the combined number of terms all members have resided on campus (known as terms in residence or TIR).  The higher the TIR the higher the likelihood a group will be awarded housing in the requested location.  In order to be eligible for consideration groups must first have the required number of members (requests for private rooms will disqualify a group).

For additional details on group housing, click here.