University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Personal Property Insurance and Liability

Students who live on campus assume the liability for damage to any personal items.  The University is not liable for the replacement or repair of personal items that are damaged while the student resides on campus.

We highly encourage every student to have insurance coverage for personal property while they live on campus.  Often the parent's homeowners or renters insurance will cover a student's belongings while at college.  However, individual insurance policies may differ.  Please check the coverage on your family's policy.  

Renters and similar insurance products are available from most insurance companies.  

The following language is from the Housing and Dining Contract that all residential students must accept and agree to during the housing application process.


  • The student is responsible for the care and safety of his or her own personal property. 
  • The University will not be held liable, either directly or indirectly, for loss of and/or damage to the personal property of individual. 
  • It is recommended that insurance be carried by each student or his/her parent(s) against loss and/or damage of personal property.