University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Housing Cancellations & Room Changes

Important Messages...

  • The deadline to cancel housing and receive a refund of the housing deposit is July 15.  
  • The deadline to cancel housing and receive a refund of housing and dining fees is the first day of classes.  

Changing Rooms  

Under normal conditions, all housing spaces are frozen for the two weeks of classes.  Room changes are also contingent upon the campus' risk posture during the COVID-19 pandemic.  All students residing on campus will be informed, via email, when the room change process opens. To access the room change request, go to the Johnstown Campus Housing & Dining Services task center at  Please note:

  • It is strongly recommended that you speak to the student(s) residing in the room, suite, apartment or townhouse before requesting the move.
  • If you are requesting to move to a completely empty room by yourself, you must complete a private room request form and you will be charged the private room rate.
  • If you think a room is empty, that does not necessarily mean it is available.
  • Room change requests will be reviewed Monday through Friday.  Students will be notified if the request is approved or denied.  If approved, students will be sent instructions regarding how to complete the moving process.
  • Students must return their old room key to an RA in their current building after moving.

Housing Cancellations

The deadline for current and incoming students to cancel an existing housing contract and be eligible for a refund of their housing deposit is July 15 for the fall term, and December 15 for the spring term. 

Barring any outstanding balance on the student’s account, all eligible students whose cancellations are received on or before the deadline will receive a full refund of the initial $150 housing deposit.  Students cancelling to commute are not eligible to receive a refund of the housing deposit.  Please note that cancelling your housing for the fall term also cancels your housing for the spring term unless you indicate otherwise on the cancellation form. 

 *Cancelling a housing contract to commute from home or an off-campus location or due to dismissal from the university will result in forfeiture of the housing deposit and/or appropriate penalties.  Please review the Housing and Dining Services Contract for more details.

Cancellation Process

Before canceling housing, we encourage students to read the terms and conditions contained in their signed Housing and Dining Services contract so they are familiar with any penalties they might incur.  When a housing cancellation is submitted online after the semester has begun, a student is allowed 24 hours to remove his/her belongings and return the room key (mailroom keys should be returned to the mailroom).   A student's housing is not officially canceled until the online cancellation form has been submitted and all steps in the check-out process (see below) have been completed..  

To cancel your housing, go to

  • Navigate to Johnstown Campus Housing & Dining Services task center
  • Click the Cancel Housing button
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.  You will receive an email confirmation that you have successfully completed the request.

Check-Out Process

When a student moves off campus during the semester, the following tasks must be completed before the housing cancellation becomes official.

  1. Remove all belongings from the room.  Belongings left in a room beyond 5 business days after moving out will be considered abandoned and disposed of by the University with no liability.
  2. Check out with one of the RAs in the building/area.  Students should make arrangements in advance in order to ensure the availability of an RA at the time of departure  The RA will collect the room key and perform a check-out room inspection.  If, for some reason, an RA is not available when the student departs, the room key must be returned to the Office of Housing, Dining Services & Residence Life (130 Student Union) during regular business hours. If departing after hours and an RA is not available, the key should be returned to Campus Police.  For security purposes, keys cannot be left in the room or given to a roommate to return.  Students who fail to return their room key properly will be subject to a fine for a lock/core change and new keys.