University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Living-Learning Center

The Living-Learning Center (LLC) houses 400 upperclassman students.

There are two to three students per air-conditioned room. Each room in the LLC has a private bathroom containing a shower, toilet, sink, and vanity area.

The beds are bunkable. Because the beds are large and very heavy, maintenance personnel must bunk them. Students can request to have their beds bunked by contacting Facilities Management.  Each room also has a microwave/refrigerator unit.

The LLC facility has a recreation room, laundry facilities, and various meeting and study rooms.  

Room Size: 12' x 14'

Space under beds: 11 3/4"


The LLC will be undergoing an extensive renovation project during the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years.  As a result, only one-half of the building will be open and available for occupancy during the renovation period. .