University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Gender-Inclusive Housing

Gender-inclusive housing provides students the opportunity to live with the student of their choosing, regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity or expression.  


Gender-inclusive housing is available only to upper-class students.  Gender-inclusive rooms are available in the Living-Learning Center, Willow Hall, and College Park Apartments (2-person units only).  Gender-inclusive housing is not available to first-year students.

Gender-Inclusive Housing Assignment Process

Students who wish to live in gender-inclusive  housing will select rooms using the same housing selection process as all students.  No preference will be given to those students who choose gender-inclusive housing.   

Students must meet the individual housing application deadline to be able to participate in online room selection.  The availability of gender-inclusive assignments after online room selection will depend on the availability of rooms once the online process has concluded.  Students who apply after the online room selection deadline will be assigned into same-sex units based on the student’s biological gender, as identified on the student's University record.

Gender-inclusive rooms are not available on a tripled basis.


While no formal restriction applies, the Office of Housing and Dining Services does not recommend that romantic couples choose to live together in gender-inclusive housing.

Filling Vacancies in Gender-Inclusive Rooms

In the event that one of the students in a gender-inclusive assignment cancels their housing contract, or moves out of the room for any other reason, the remaining student(s) may identify a new roommate to fill this vacancy.  The amount of time available to identify a new roommate will depend upon the current housing situation and status of the housing process.

If the remaining roommate(s) cannot identify a new roommate, Housing and Dining Services will assign a new roommate to the room and the room will revert to a single-sex room. A new roommate will be assigned based upon the sex of the remaining roommate(s).