University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Private Room Requests

Medical Accommodation

Private rooms are guaranteed to students who have documented medical conditions and who have been determined eligible for a private room by the Office of Disability Resources and who apply by the deadine.  The deadline to apply for a medical accommodation is the last business day in May. 

Non-Medical Accommodation

Students requesting a private room that is not part of a medical accommodation should complete an online request form, which can be found at  (click on Johnstown Campus Housing and Dining Services task centerand then open the private room request).

Private rooms are granted based on the terms in residence (how many terms a student has resided on campus) and are subject to availability. Private rooms are typically not granted until after the semester begins. Students who do not complete the online private room request form will not be eligible for consideration.  Private rooms that are not part of a medical accommodation will be greatly limited, if available at all, for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Students are notified via their Pitt email if approved for a private room.

Questions?  Contact Housing and Dining Services at 814-269-7115 (